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Climbing and skiing off the beaten tracks above the Arctic Circle in the Lyngen Alps or daring to reach the northernmost latitudes of the Svalbard – the closest it is feasible to sail and land to the North Pole – you will be exploring genuinely remote domains accessible only by sea, and then only by combining in one team a world class skipper, our IFMGA professional mountain guides and first mate / chef on a highly comfortable and thoroughly prepared boat


You will be embarking into Arctic sailing explorations in the Svalbard and Greenland that require a genuinely experienced and united team of skipper and mountain guide, a sturdy and thoughtfully adapted sailboat as well as a diligent onboard and onshore safety protocols.


Boreal Adventure Sailing proposes high latitude offshore sailing routes that will get you out of the beaten routes together with world class skipper Lionel Lemonchois on VARUNA, a 22-meter / 73 feet aluminum sloop, purpose built by the GARCIA shipyard for fast, long range passages.

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