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”Approaching the mountain foots and glaciers under sails, silently gliding over water is a marking experience.
You never really get used to it.” – Daniel Farquharson, Professional Mountain Guide

lyngen alps

8 DAYS-6 SKI DAYS | PRICE: 4’200 €

The Lyngen peninsula is located above the Arctic Circle, latitude 69N and 70N. It has stupendous scenery, with glaciers between vertical snow-covered peaks reaching 1’800m. The Lyngen peninsula and the numerous islands around it, combined with the flexibility of being based on a sailboat, offer an endless choice of unmarked powder skiing domains overlooking the deep blue fjords. Mid-March to early May allow for balanced conditions and accessibility, with excellent snow coverage and quality provided by the Northern Latitudes and milder weather conditions – temperature and visibility wise – than earlier in the season.

25 March 2023 | (Fully Booked)
01 April 2023 | (Fully Booked)
08 April 2023 | (Fully Booked)
15 April 2023 | (Fully Booked)
22 April 2023 | (Fully Booked)
23 March 2024
30 March 2024
06 April 2024
13 April 2024
20 April 2024
Embark & Disembark:
Tromsø, Norway
6 + 1 Guide


Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

8 DAYS - 6 ski days | PRICE: 4’900 €

The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is situated to the north of the Norwegian mainland, latitudes 74N to 81N, between the Greenland Sea and the Barents Sea.
”The northern end of the ocean” mentioned in the 12th century Icelandic chronicles, it is nearest it is feasible to sail and land to the North Pole, the starting point for many of the greatest adventurers that raced to reach the northernmost point on Earth. It remains one of the remote frontiers of the planet.

13 may 2023 (Fully Booked)
20 may 2023 (Fully Booked)
27 may 2023 (Fully Booked)
03 june 2023 | (Fully Booked)
11 may 2024
18 may 2024
25 may 2024
01 june 2024
Embark & Disembark:
6 + 1 Guide


Climbing and skiing off the beaten tracks above the Arctic Circle in the Lyngen Alps or daring to reach the northernmost latitudes of the Svalbard – the closest it is feasible to sail and Land to the North Pole – you will be exploring genuinely remote domains accessible only by sea, and then only by combining in one team a world class skipper, our IFMGA professional mountain guides and first mate / chef on a highly comfortable and thoroughly prepared boat:

  • Small group, limited to 6 guests on our 22m / 73 ft Garcia sailboat, for unhindered space and comfort. The boat is thoughtfully adapted to host and embark-disembark skiers and their gear, making the entire operation smooth and safe.
  • Virtually endless choice of ascent and descent lines thanks to the variety of the domains, excellent snow coverage and quality. Being based on our sailboat, weather permitting we can sail to, anchor and disembark pretty much anywhere.
  • You will be guided by our professional IFMGA mountain guides, led by Daniel Schliefsteiner and Brian Farquharson. Each has over 10 years of experience respectively in the Lyngen Alps and Svalbard, providing an intimate understanding of the local weather patterns, snow conditions and lines to opt for the most enjoyable spots in safety.
  • As we are well into the territory of adventure, we have well established safety protocols aboard and onshore, as well as defined high standards of safety gear.


You will be welcomed back onboard in a cozy and comfortable environment, securely at anchor in a protected bay. Your gear and ski clothing will be taken care of by the crew, making sure they are dry and ready for the next morning.

Getting a rest in your spacious cabins with individual restroom, shower and heating system, or enjoying the views surrounding the anchorage, you will find the environment to relish the day’s experience and properly relax ahead of dinner.

Ours is a culinary experience as well. Our First Mate and Chef will propose gourmet cuisine and typical local dishes assorted with a selection of quality wines, bearing in mind the nutritional requirements of outdoor activity. To store energy and recover properly we will carefully prepare meal packs with proper nutritional ingredients and hydration to carry with you as you head for your climb, and you will be treated with après-ski recovery snacks that will make you return eagerly onboard.
Evenings onboard become a special time for camaraderie and sharing experiences, planning the anchorages and ski lines along your voyage.

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