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“We are not restricted by roads, size, range or depth. Weather permitting, we enjoy the ultimate freedom to sail, anchor and disembark pretty much anywhere, in a small group, without disruption to the surrounding nature “
– Co-founder and skipper Lionel Lemonchois

Gliding silently over the ocean, we will be immersed in bewildering Arctic landscape and fauna, where no roads or cruise boats can get you. Prepare to discover remote regions in the Arctic, delivered in comfort and safety.

We will be embarking in small groups (limited to 6 guests) for Arctic sailing explorations in the Svalbard and Greenland that require a genuinely experienced and integrated team of skipper and mountain guide, a thoughtfully prepared sailboat as well as a diligent onboard and onshore safety protocols.


10 DAYS | PRICE: 6’500 €
10 DAYS | PRICE: 7’000 € (2024)

Greenland, so named by the Norwegian explorer Erik Thorvaldsson (known as “Erik the Red”) around 985, is both the largest island and the least densely populated region on Earth. Located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, three-quarters of Greenland is covered by a permanent ice sheet.
Close to ninety percent of the population are Inuit. Hunting and fishing remain their principal activity, as their ancestors thousands of years ago. As Danish writer Jørn Riel puts it “they have the sixth sense that we have lost”, friendly and caretaking.

15 JULY 2023 | 4 spots
26 JULY 2023 | 4 spots
07 AUGUST 2023 | 1 spot
19 AUGUST 2023 | 1 spot
30 AUGUST 2023 | (sold out)
20 JULY 2024
31 JULY 2024
12 AUGUST 2024
24 AUGUST 2024
Embark & Disembark:
6 + 1 Guide


Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

4 to 15 DAYS | PRICE: 3’500€ - 7 days

The archipelago of Svalbard is situated to the north of the Norwegian mainland, latitudes 74N to 81N, halfway between Norway and the North Pole, surrounded by the Greenland Sea and the Barents Sea. ”The northern end of the ocean” mentioned in the 12th century Icelandic chronicles, it is the nearest it is feasible to sail and land to the North Pole, the starting point for many of the greatest adventurers that raced to reach the northernmost point on Earth.
65% of the archipelago is covered by ice, a rugged cruising area, most spectacular and contrasting, offering expedition landings, hikes, kayaking, snow shoeing and bewildering Arctic landscape and fauna: Svalbard has more than 3’000 Polar bears (for fewer than 3’000 inhabitants).

15 JUNE 2023
15 JUNE 2024
Embark & Disembark:
6 + 1 Guide


Reaching the northernmost latitudes of the Svalbard – the closest it is feasible to sail and land to the North Pole – or exploring deep in the Scoresbysund fjord in East Greenland, with its tallest icebergs and glaciers, you will be exploring genuinely remote domains accessible only by sea, and then only by combining in one team a world class skipper, our IFMGA professional mountain guides and first mate / chef on a highly comfortable and thoroughly prepared boat:

  • Small group, limited to 6 guests on our 22m / 73 ft Garcia sailboat, for unhindered space and comfort. The boat is thoughtfully adapted to host and embark-disembark passengers and their gear, making the entire operation smooth and safe.
  • Onboard and ashore, you will be hosts to Lionel Lemonchois, a world-class skipper, as well as to our professional IFMGA guides, Brian Farquharson, Andres Scherrer and Paul Degonda, each with extensive knowledge of the regions we visit, from weather patterns and snow conditions to wildlife, local usances and culture. Our First Mate and Chef Luse will make sure that you find yourself at ease and comfort onboard.
  • As we are well into the territory of adventure, we have well established safety protocols aboard and onshore, as well as defined high standards of safety gear.


You will be welcomed back onboard in a cozy and comfortable environment, securely at anchor in a protected bay. Your gear and clothing will be taken care of by the crew, making sure they are dry and ready for the next morning.

Getting a rest in your spacious cabins with individual restroom, shower and heating system, or enjoying the views surrounding the anchorage, you will find the environment to relish the day’s experience and properly relax ahead of dinner.

Ours is a culinary experience as well. Our First Mate and Chef will propose gourmet cuisine and typical local dishes assorted with a selection of quality wines, bearing in mind the nutritional requirements of outdoor activity. If you plan trekking during the day (or under the midnight sun), we will carefully prepare meal packs and hydration to carry with you as you head out, and you will be treated with recovery snacks that will make you return eagerly onboard.

Evenings onboard become a special time for camaraderie and sharing experiences, planning the route, anchorages and regions to discover along your voyage.


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