We are excited to announce we will be soon setting sail to Iceland.
From early June VARUNA and her crew will be welcoming guests to sail and explore the Icelandic shores, fauna and nature. From April 6, 2021, all travelers - regardless of origin - are welcome to visit Iceland if they can show either certificate of full vaccination against COVID or certificate of previous COVID infection. This prevents the requirement of quarantine altogether.

Detailed requirements allowing visitors to enter Iceland without quarantine are found here.

All other visitors arriving to Iceland shall be tested at the borders, quarantine for five days, and undergo a 2nd test.
Please check our revised Calendar for departure dates and itineraries and do not hesitate to reach out by email or phone for booking and cancellation conditions, air travel alternatives, entry (including approved vaccines) and re-entry requirements, hotel and public transportation in the country.
This season, Svalbard will still remain an option subject to client requests and the lifting or review of current restrictions on foreign tourism. We will otherwise be delighted to keep exploring Iceland for the remainder of the summer.

Remote regions, bewildering nature and lifetime sensations in the Arctic, delivered in safety and comfort by a unique team and boat.

Explore the arctic with us

“We are not restricted by roads, size, range or depth. Weather permitting, we enjoy the ultimate freedom to sail, anchor and disembark pretty much anywhere, in a small group, without disruption to the surrounding nature”
Co-Founder and skipper Lionel Lemonchois

an outstanding experience in the Arctic

Skiing outside the beaten tracks above the Arctic Circle in the Lyngen Alps of Norway and Svalbard, daring to reach the northernmost latitudes the closest it is feasible to sail and land to the North Pole or being exposed to the fjord systems, icebergs and sand glaciers in Greenland, you will be exploring genuinely remote areas accessible only by sea and meet the bewildering Arctic faun.


A uniquely well-prepared and integrated team


GARCIA shipyard’s state-of-the-art 22 meter (73 feet) aluminum sloop

Small groups

Personalized attention and flexibility


High comfort and attention to detail
  • World-class skipper and our professional IFMGA mountain guides with extensive local knowledge, a uniquely well-prepared and integrated team to make the most of your Arctic experience. Maximum time onshore, with a broad variety of areas / spots selected according to prevailing conditions.
  • Our boat, GARCIA shipyard’s state-of-the-art 22 meter (73 feet) aluminum sloop, designed and built for unlimited range passages and thoroughly equipped for our high-latitude activities.
  • Small groups, limited to 6 guests: Comfort, personalized attention and flexibility in the choice of landing spots / exploration or ski areas, smoothness during embarking & disembarking.
  • High comfort and attention to detail: Warm and welcoming accommodation in double-berth cabins, each with en-suite individual restrooms and showers, heating, lighting and power supply. A memorable culinary experience & well-thought support around outdoor activities.

Discover your adventure

We are combining in one unique team a world-class skipper (and co-founder) Lionel Lemonchois, our professional IFMGA guides with longstanding expertise of the region and a highly comfortable, thoroughly prepared 22m / 73ft sailboat. Guest number is limited to 6, providing comfort, personalized attention from the crew and smooth and flexible embarking / disembarking, maximizing time spent onshore.

We create together

your arctic experience

You can let us design with you a custom voyage, discussing and selecting special activities, guiding needs as well as logistic arrangements.

Discover our boat

You will be sailing on a 22 meter (73 feet) aluminum sailboat, built by the GARCIA shipyard for unlimited range passages and thoroughly equipped for our high-latitude activities. She is maintained and equipped to at least World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Category 1 standards and has also been inspected and certified as merchant vessel. Her bespoke wooden interiors are warm and welcoming, with four double-berth cabins, each with en-suite heads and showers and individual controlled heating, lightning and power supply.

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